COMPLIT APPROACH©: much more than a classic agricultural consultant

COMPLIT APPROACH© is what makes us unique.
There are many companies that offer drone mapping services, but what differentiates us is the relationship we establish with the farmer. Our service is not limited to the classic work of the agricultural consultant.
We not only carry out flights gathering data and maps, we also provide a complete service starting from agronomic advice. Our agricultural consultants will inform you of the results obtained and will liaise with the farmer and his trusted consultant. With this direct experience the data can achieve maximum effectiveness.  In addition, we provide information on the best seeds, fertilizers and variable rate machines to be used in addition to soil analysis and optimization of water resources. Our services and those provided by the third-party partners are perfectly integrated with each other, creating a holistic system so that the farmer can have a completely customized range of possibilities, offering a ready-to-play solution.

COMPLIT APPROACH©: the perfect synthesis between the Italian agricultural experience and the most advanced technologies.

Our COMPLIT APPROACH is the methodology that allows us to ensure positive and guaranteed results. Not just a simple agronomic consulting service, but much more. Choosing TERRASHARP and its COMPLIT APPROACH© means using a team of reliable professionals who, in addition to the specific precision agriculture service, aim at your goals through a complete vision to achieve tangible results together. For this reason, our work with you and your trusted agronomist is essential. We know that its the only possible way to achieve maximum potential. We have only one goal: YOUR SUCCESS!

Improve the quality and productivity of your farmland, reduce waste, costs and optimize the entire supply chain!

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